Swifty Pokemon Battle α


High-Fidelity Pokemon Battle Simulator

media value
term 2016.11(for 6 weeks)
stack mac OS X(10.11 El Capitan or above), Swift 3
client Terminal
link GitHub


Swifty Pokemon Battle α is a command line tool available on Terminal.app (Only for Mac OS). This app aims precise transplantation of original Pokemon Series. Under 6 Gen(XY/ORAS) environment, you can battle with 10 pokemons.

"Swifty" represents 3 features.


You can enjoy Pokemon Battle anytime, with comfortable tempo.

including a lot of manners of Swift

Swift, the language I adopted for this project introduces modern notations (e.g. Closures, Optional Types, Tuple, Type inference, Generics, Paradigm of Functional Programming...). I take those writing manners as many as possible so that I can induce power of this language.

Wise AI

The word "swift" also means intelligent, wise. In this App, I persue possibility of AI equal to human's intelligence.